New MicroCare™ Website Helps Companies with Green Cleaning Goals

by donpedro

MicroCare Corp. has developed a dedicated webpage to help guide companies looking for greener and safer cleaning alternatives to Trichloroethylene (TCE). The online information is part of the MicroCare goal to share its expertise on new high-performance cleaning fluids engineered to meet strict global environmental regulations.

MicroCare is at the forefront in the research and development of modern cleaning fluid alternatives to nPB and TCE, but also in sharing their findings and expertise at various trade shows and events. The new webpage, appropriately titled “The Ultimate Guide to Replacing TCE Degreasers and Cleaning Fluids”, provides in depth information on the potential hazards of TCE and how changes can be easily implemented into current cleaning processes.

“Many companies may still consider using TCE despite its harmfulness,” explains Tom Tattersall, MicroCare Chief Operating Officer. “There are a variety of reasons for this. It is less expensive than the trichloroethylene replacement cleaning fluids on the market today. However, the risks of using TCE far outweigh the benefits. Responsible company owners, plant managers and environmental safety and health officers are now looking for better choices that will be more efficient, easier to maintain and less hazardous for workers and the environment.

“We felt it was essential to explain why switching from legacy cleaning fluids to modern alternatives was so important. The webpage offers information on how TCE is not only putting workers at risk but is also affecting the environment by contributing to global warming.

“It also guides readers through how making the switch to safer fluorinated fluids is simple and does not always require expensive investment in new equipment.”

Choosing the next generation TCE-free cleaning fluid is having a huge impact on companies who have made the switch. As well as having excellent toxicity profiles making them safer for people and the planet; they are just as efficient. Those who have made the move are also benefiting from consistent cleaning quality, improved throughput and decreased energy usage.

MicroCare advises those looking to change their cleaning methods to contact a critical cleaning expert who can determine the best TCE replacement cleaning fluid to use. To find out more about how to make the move to safer cleaning fluids visit the new MicroCare Ultimate Guide to Replacing TCE Degreasers and Cleaning Fluids.


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