New Dual-Output Gate Driver Evaluation Board from SemiSouth

by donpedro

SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc. has announced the SGDR2500P2, a dual-output, two-stage, opto-isolated gate driver board intended for use with power electronics modules that incorporate SemiSouth’s vertical-trench junction field-effect transistors (VJFETs) as the primary switches. The board provides electrically isolated high-side and low-side outputs with peak current levels of +20/-10 A, enabling fast switching speeds and yielding record-low switching energy losses. The SGDR2500P2 is optimized for the high-speed, hard switching of specific power modules such as Microsemi’s 1200 V, 100 A half-bridge, APTJC120AM13VCT1AG, but can also be used as a time-saving evaluation board for projects in the development or qualification stage. The SGDR2500P2 self-generates isolated ±15 V supply voltages, eliminating the need for multiple power supplies. The board’s maximum switching frequency is 100 kHz, enabling the user to leverage the high-frequency capability of SiC technology and reduce bulky, costly magnetic components.

SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc.

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