New Compact Ethernet Interfaces for Portable Use

by donpedro

The new VN5611 and VN5612 Ethernet interfaces for portable use. Image rights: Vector Informatik GmbH

Vector now presents the VN5611 and N5612 hardware, both compact and handy interfaces for Automotive Ethernet applications. Users benefit from flexible configuration and usage options in the Ethernet environment. Advantages such as Ethernet Monitoring and individual access options to the network under test are characteristic for both devices.

The interfaces provide two ports each for Automotive Ethernet IEEE 100BASE-T1/1000BASE-T1 (VN5611) and for Standard Ethernet IEEE 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T (VN5612). Both devices are ideal for portable
use due to their small and compact format. The connection to the computer as well as the power supply is via USB 3.0.

Both the VN5611 and the VN5612 provide the user with a transparent connection between two (Automotive) Ethernet nodes for monitoring with precise time stamps. In addition, the interfaces feature flexible configuration options to support a wide variety of application areas. Furthermore, individual access options to the network under test as well as network access for simulation and test purposes are possible. The two devices provide a switch with up to two physical ports. Thereby the access to the connected automotive network, in the context of simulations as well as for the connection of virtual nodes to the network, is guaranteed. Especially the VN5611 additionally supports the sleep/wake mechanisms according to OPEN Alliance TC10.

In the context of tests, the two interfaces can be used to send errored frames on individual ports. For testing with ECUs with more than one Ethernet port or for reprogramming ECUs, the access is individual and to each port.

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