New at Rutronik: Microstepping motor driver from ST

by donpedro

The easySPIN – L6474 from ST Microelectronics is a flexible innovative microstepping motor driver with integrated power stage capable to drive up to 7A currents. It is designed to drive both windings of a bipolar stepper motor. The product is available at distributor Rutronik as of now.

A wide range of supply voltages (8 to 45V) makes the chip suitable for applications in point of sale like ATM, vending machines, positioning systems in factory automation, textile industry, medical, building automation for camera / antenna positioning, office equipment such as printers, shredders, gaming etc. The chip uses current mode control with resolution up to 16 microsteps, implementing innovative adaptive decay control mechanism. This fully protected driver includes SPI interface for configuration with “daisy chain” compatibility (possibility to share one SPI bus for more devices) and embedded non-dissipative current sensing. Output slew-rate is configurable which enables to adjust a good compromise between power losses and a generated EMI noise. Thanks to its low RDSON power stage (0.28Ω), low consumption, standby mode feature and integrated current sensing it minimizes overall power dissipation of the drive.


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