Motor Driver from Microchip is automotive AEC-Q100 qualified, highly integrated and compact; provides high performance and high current

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Microchip announces the MCP8063 – a highly integrated, cost-effective, automotive AEC-Q100-qualified motor driver that delivers superior performance in a small, 8-pin,

4×4 mm DFN package. It is also the world’s first to combine all of those features with 1.5A peak phase current for the 180-degree sinusoidal drive of a variety of three-phase brushless DC motor and fan applications. This integration reduces cost and PCB area, and the high sinusoidal-drive performance provides high efficiency, low acoustic noise and low mechanical vibration for energy savings and quiet operation. Additionally, the MCP8063 includes safety features such as thermal shutdown, over-current limiting and lock-up protection.
The designers of a broad range of motor applications in markets such as the automotive, IT, industrial and home-appliances are faced with increasing regulatory and consumer demands for continued reductions in cost, space, noise and power consumption, with better performance and safety. The integrated features of the MCP8063 motor driver solve these problems cost-effectively, while providing a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +125°Celsius. Additionally, it supports the sensorless driving of BLDC motors, which eliminates the cost and space of a Hall sensor.
The compact MCP8063 is a high-performance motor driver which offers high current and a wide temperature range to provide a complete single-chip solution for a wide variety of three-phase, brushless DC applications at attractive price points.
The MCP8063 motor driver works stand-alone or in conjunction with Microchip’s large portfolio of PIC® microcontrollers and dsPIC® digital signal controllers. This offers a high degree of flexibility for everything from simple voltage control to closed-loop motor speed control using high-performance algorithms, such as sinusoidal sensorless drive.

Key Facts:
• Cost-effective MCP8063 is world’s first 1.5A, three-phase brushless DC, sinusoidal motor driver in a 4×4 mm package with the AEC-Q100 quality certification
• Complete single-chip solution for three-phase, brushless DC applications
• High efficiency, low acoustic noise and low mechanical vibration offer energy savings and quiet operation
• Safety features include thermal shutdown, over-current limiting and lock-up protection

To enable development with the new MCP8063 motor driver, Microchip also announced the MCP8063 12V 3-Phase BLDC Sensorless Fan Controller Demo Kit (ADM00575), which is available today, priced at $49.99 each.

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