MOSFETs for low-voltage applications

by donpedro

MOSFETs that can reliably handle high currents at ultra-low threshold voltages are rare. MaxPower Semiconductor Inc., manufacturer of innovative power semiconductors and strategic partner of Finepower, has developed a new family of power transistors that also switch at  sub-logic level.

A first product of Shielded Field Plated Trench MOSFETs™, or SFPMOS™ for short, has a rated on-state resistance Rds(on) of just 4 mOhms at a gate voltage of U_GS = 1V. The breakdown voltage U_BR is 40 V. Below this threshold, leakage currents over a wide temperature range are extremely low. At an operating temperature of 25 °C, they are well below 1 Microampere and rise to only 1 mA at 150 °C. SFPMOS™ are therefore particularly suitable for use in mobile devices or wherever long battery life is important.

The SFPMOS ™ series consists of power transistors with breakdown voltages from 8 V to 200 V. They are available in a variety of packages, including SC-75 / SOT-416, PQFN 3×3 and PQFN 5×6.


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