IR Introduces Highly Integrated AUIR3330S Intelligent Power Switch with Active di/dt control for Automotive Motor Control

by donpedro

International Rectifier has introduced the AUIR3330S Intelligent Power Switch (IPS) with a proprietary active di/dt control feature that significantly reduces conducted EMI and switching losses to simplify design and reduce overall system cost in automotive motor drive applications.
The new 40 V high-side device combines bootstrap regulator, charge pump and high-side driver into a single package to offer a highly integrated solution. The load can be driven up to 40 kHz at 100 percent of duty cycle. Additionally, the AUIR3330S features programmable over-current and over-temperature protection required by applications operating in harsh automotive environments such as pumps and fans. The AUIR3330S also features current sensing feedback, a diagnostic function, very low current consumption in sleep mode and ESD protection. IR’s innovative active di/dt control drastically reduces conducted EMI on the input supply without increasing switching losses, enabling a reduction in the size of the EMI filter and the heat sink for more efficient compact motor systems.

International Rectifier

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