IR Expands SupIRBuck® Online Design Tool to Simplify POL Design Using Integrated Voltage Regulators

by donpedro

International Rectifier has expanded its online design tool for the SupIRBuck® family of integrated point-of-load voltage regulators to include new devices utilizing hysteretic constant on-time (COT) control designed to offer improved light load efficiency.
The user friendly, interactive, web-based tool available at now enables the rapid selection, electrical and thermal simulation and design optimization of over 15 SupIRBuck integrated voltage regulators. The expanded product line includes high-voltage (27 V) devices, current ratings up to 15 A and regulators in both 5mm x 6mm and 4mm x 5mm packages. Enhanced simulation capabilities now include the unique ability to compensate COT control devices using Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors for lower cost applications as well as all-ceramic capacitors for higher frequency applications.
Based on a designer’s given input and output parameters, the SupIRBuck online tool selects suitable devices for a given application. Once basic requirements are entered, the tool allows the user to capture schematics, create a reference design along with associated Bill of Materials (BOM), view waveforms, and perform complex thermal and application analysis quickly and easily to dramatically accelerate development time.
The tool is designed and engineered to assist a variety of designers, from power experts to digital specialists with limited exposure to analog design. SupIRbuck devices featured in the tool cover load currents up to 15 A, input voltages up to 27 V and output voltages as low as 0.5 V, and are supported by standard and customizable demo kits, reference designs, datasheets, and application notes available at International Rectifier’s website at
IR’s SupIRBuck voltage regulators integrate IR’s high performance synchronous buck control ICs and benchmark HEXFET® trench technology MOSFETs in a compact Power QFN package, shrinking the silicon footprint compared to discrete solutions, and offering between 8 to 10 percent higher full-load efficiency than competing monolithic ICs.

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