Intersil Introduces Industry’s First Fully Encapsulated Digital Power Module

by donpedro

Intersil Corporation extended its leadership in next-generation power modules by introducing the ZL9101M, an encapsulated, highly-integrated digital DC/DC power module designed for point-of-load (POL) power management in applications such as servers, telecommunications, networking and storage equipment. This new digital power module follows Intersil’s “Power Made Simple” philosophy by providing customers with a building block that can be easily adapted to varying system power requirements. The ZL9101M is a quick and easy alternative for power solutions up to 12A, and dramatically reduces the number of discrete components and complicated external ICs required to implement a complete POL power management solution. The ZL9101M also delivers the most thermally efficient package, significantly improving system reliability. For an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution, system designers can take advantage of the ZL9101M’s default configuration. For additional design flexibility, the ZL9101M simplifies smart power management designs via the module’s PMBus interface. The PMBus, which is enabled by an internal Zilker Labs digital controller, provides maximum design flexibility and enables easy real-time monitoring of voltage, current, temperature and other parameters. The ZL9101M also includes adaptive performance optimization algorithms to improve power conversion performance and efficiency across the entire load range.

Intersil Corporation

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