Hirose Electric has Developed a Back Flip FPC/FFC Connector with the Industry’s First Top and Bottom Independent Two-point Contact Design, 125°C Heat Resistance* and Automotive Quality High Vibration Resistance.

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Hirose Electric has released The FH69 Series, a back flip FPC/FFC connector with the industry’s first top and bottom independent two-point contact design, 125°C heat resistance*, and high vibration resistance.

Versatile and Highly Reliable Connectors Necessary as the Number of Automotive Displays Installed Increases and Driving Automation Functionality Expands.

Recently, the number of vehicle displays installed is increasing due to the spread of in-vehicle applications such as electronic mirrors and rear seat monitors, as well as the shift to digital cockpits. FPC/FFC are generally used for the internal connection of displays. In order to meet the board layout restrictions resulting from the increased number of installed displays, connectors that are resistant to upward FPC/FFC routing are required. In addition, products with both top and bottom contacts that can be connected regardless of contact direction are sought after when using general displays equipped with single-sided FPC/FFC. Furthermore, in applications that are closely involved with automated driving, connectors for internal connections are required to have high automotive quality, such as 125°C high heat resistance, high vibration resistance, and dust intrusion prevention, in order to improve electrical connection reliability.

Highly Reliable Connectors with Automotive Quality that Enhance Design Flexibility

In order to meet these needs, we have developed the FH69 Series, a back flip FPC/FFC connector series with automotive quality and the industry’s first top and bottom independent two-point contact design. By having contacts on both the top and bottom, there are no restrictions on the FPC/FFC contact direction, eliminating the need to use multiple connectors, allowing for flexible board design, and reducing component management. The two-point contact design with independent spring properties ensures high contact reliability. Even if dust gets caught in one contact point, the other contacts remain connected. Furthermore, the back flip design prevents unexpected actuator opening due to upward FPC/FFC routing stress. In terms of automotive quality, the heat-resistant material and a unique contact design ensures 125°C heat resistance* and high vibration resistance, making it a product that can be used with confidence even in harsh in-vehicle environments.

Top & Bottom Independent Two-Point Contact, Back Flip FPC/FFC Connector for Automotive: The FH69 Series

1. Industry’s first top & bottom independent two-point contact design
2. Automotive connector with 125°C heat resistance* and high vibration resistance
3. Back flip design enhances board design flexibility

Future Product Development 

The newly developed FH69 Series was released with 60pos. in December 2021. Development of the below pin count variations is planned in order to meet the diversifying needs for internal connection of automotive applications.
– Under planning: 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50pos.
The reliable design satisfies in-vehicle quality requirements and can also be used for industrial equipment exposed to harsh environments.

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