High Voltage FRED from PANJIT at Rutronik: Increased efficiency and reliability of power supply

by gabi

Rutronik is adding the Optima and Speedy high-voltage FRED types with 600 V and 1200 V, respectively, from PANJIT to its product range. The power diodes improve the system efficiency of an application and are used for low-frequency (Optima) or high-frequency (Speedy) applications. They feature low leakage current and improved EMI characteristics. PANJIT FREDs are ideal for rectifier or freewheeling circuits in a wide range of power applications, such as UPS systems or data centers, but also household appliances. They are available at www.rutronik24.com.

The stability of power supply systems depends, among other things, on the electrical properties of the power diodes used. It is therefore important to use the exact FRED suitable for each application, keeping in mind the target switching frequency of the planned application. Optima-type FREDs are suitable for rectifier circuits such as high-power bridge diodes and bypass diodes, optimized for lower power losses at low VF, and predestined for low switching frequency applications. Speedy-FREDs, on the other hand, are more suitable for high-frequency freewheeling switching in CCM boost PFC and Vienna PFC to achieve maximum system efficiency. They convince with low reverse recovery time (trr) and optimized Vf, as well as better trade-off performance between Vf and the reverse recovery charge (Qrr).

More Features at a glance:

  • Low leakage current
  • Soft recovery characteristic for better EMI
  • Best efficiency achievable
  • Best combination with power switches

Possible applications:

  • Power supply for servers, data centers, PCs, networks
  • Energy storage systems
  • Battery management systems
  • Industrial motors
  • Welding equipment
  • Digital TV
  • Inverters for photovoltaic systems
  • Household appliances

A product overview and selection guide for FRED (VRRM = 600 – 1,200V, IF = 8 – 60A) can be found at rutronik.com.

For more information about the high voltage FRED by PANJIT and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at www.rutronik24.com.


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