Cincoze DX-1200 Industrial Computer Powers Multiple Railway Computing Applications

by gabi

Rail transportation plays a crucial role in many modern transportation networks. It’s essential to ensure that rail transportation is safe and efficient, which requires constant improvements. The integration of industrial computers in railway applications has been a significant development contributing to railway safety through the railway detection system, passenger convenience through passenger information display systems (PIDS), and personal safety through in-car surveillance. Cincoze’s latest addition to the Rugged Computing – DIAMOND product line, the efficient and compact DX-1200 embedded industrial computer, is an excellent choice for these railway computing applications due to its high efficiency, stable operation, wide temperature support, expandability, and rich I/O.

High performance for fast and accurate track detection

Railway detection systems that use real-time monitoring to detect situations and events, ensuring safe and smooth operations. It provides the driver with control suggestions and relays data to the Operation Control Center (OCC) for vehicle scheduling, equipment monitoring, and fault handling. The DX-1200 provides the required performance, graphics processing, and data transmission for these tasks with a 12th gen Intel® Alder Lake-S processor that has efficient cores for multi-tasking and performance cores for complex data analysis. The DX-1200 supports up to 64GB of DDR5 4800MHz memory, with ECC error correction technology that detects and corrects errors in real time, ensuring stability and reliability. It also includes the UHD 770 graphics chip with Intel® Xe architecture for powerful graphics processing, providing high-res images and visual data analysis. Various I/O interfaces, including 10GbE LAN or USB 3.2, provide high-speed data delivery.

Wireless connections and M12 connectors for PIDS and surveillance

The two primary in-car applications are the Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) and the surveillance system. PIDS connects with the control center to gather real-time train arrival and departure information, train numbers, operation status, and other useful information. The in-car surveillance system uses highly accurate cameras and sensors to monitor the environment, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for passengers. The DX-1200 supports up to 8x 1Gbps LAN with optional PoE, providing data transmission and power through a single cable, reducing the complexity of wiring. Optional M12 connectors (A-coded and X-coded) are also available to meet the requirements of railway computing applications. Wireless connectivity is covered by DX-1200’s 1x M.2 Key E slot and 2x Mini PCIe slots that support add-on cards for WiFi, GNSS, 4G, and Bluetooth.

Multiple certifications ensure stability and security

Safety is the top priority in rail transportation. The DX-1200 has passed EU EN 50121-3-2 (railway EMC) and EN 45545-2 fire protection standards, providing evidence of its safety in rail transportation. In addition to safety, it boasts a robust design, including wide temperature (-40 – 70°C) and wide voltage (9 – 48 VDC) support, and overvoltage, overcurrent and ESD protection. The DX-1200 has passed the US military specification MIL-STD-810G, showing excellent performance in withstanding shock and vibration in the railway environment.


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