First dual IO-Link master transceiver worldwide enables significant reduction of system costs thanks to integrated UARTs

by donpedro

The E981.12 designed by Elmos (Distribution: Gleichmann Electronics), the first dual IO-Link master transceiver worldwide, enables a scalable implementation of multi-port systems (2/4/8/16-port) regardless of the number of UARTs of the microcontroller in use.
Due to the two UARTs integrated on the E981.12, for the first time users can use microcontrollers without integrated UARTs in cost-sensitive applications. This generally results in a significant reduction of the system costs. However, if UARTs integrated in the microcontroller already exist, these can obviously continue to be used.
The E981.12 dual IO-Link master transceiver comes in a space-saving QFN44L7 package and has an input voltage range from 8 V to 32 V. The power supply and configurable current limiting of the sensors (L+) can optionally be provided through external power FETs, thus lowering power loss considerably below 100 mW per channel.
The E981.12 has a SPI interface for configuration, programming and diagnostic functions. The safety functions include, among others, over-current and short-circuit protection with configurable thresholds.
Samples and evaluation boards of the E981.12 as well microcontrollers for the control with the possibility of an easy porting of TMG’s IO-Link V1.1 master stacks are available now from Gleichmann Electronics.

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