Digi-Key Launches Updates to Maker.io Website Ahead of Appearance at Maker Faire NY

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Spearheading their presence at World Maker Faire New York, Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, is proud to announce the Roadmap Dashboard on Maker.io, the sponsorship of both the Make Electronics stage and the Make: live stream at Maker Faire, as well as a new partnership with Crowd Supply.

Maker.io Receives Roadmap Dashboard
Digi-Key has recently launched a roadmap dashboard for maker projects. This roadmap gives an active checklist for each step of the journey from concept to production. There are also detailed explanations for everything you might run across from start to finish. The only way to access this tool is to be registered on Maker.io and have a projected started.
By using the Dashboard, Maker Professionals will have access to task lists with descriptors and progress bars, a Ladyada (Limor Fried) video with her take on the particular stage, and a listing of tools and resources to help guide them through the stage successfully.

“Bringing tools like the Roadmap Dashboard to Maker Professionals was one of our primary goals all along,” said David Sandys, Director of Technical and Strategic Marketing for Digi-Key.  “By engaging with many of our customers, we were able to create a blueprint for success and are excited to share that knowledge with the rest of the Maker Professional community.”

World Maker Faire NY
Digi-Key will be on-hand in NYC to engage with makers at the Make Electronics stage. Among the products that will be on display at the booth are the Adafruit Industries Adabox005, Shapeoko Table-Top CNC from SparkFun, Pimoroni Raspberry Pi-based kits, and the Nordic Semiconductor Thingy:52. The company will be showing projects including a DJ controller made from a pizza box, an LED-illuminated skateboard, and an LED and sound pulse visualizer. Digi-Key will also be bringing along a 2’ functioning Adafruit Circuit Playground and demonstrating the functionality of the Circuit Playground Express.

For those unable to attend the event, Digi-Key will be sponsoring the Make: live stream to broadcast the entire weekend’s festivities.

Crowd Supply Partnership
Digi-Key is proud to announce a special partnership with Crowd Supply. Crowd Supply is a leading crowdfunding platform for hardware-based solutions offering greater than a 2x funding success rate for creators and a perfect delivery record for backers versus other competitive solutions.  Under the agreement certain Crowd Supply solutions will be marketed and available for purchase on the digikey.com website.

“Digi-Key consistently excels at making available not only tried and true components, but also new, cutting-edge technologies and dev kits; so it’s been no surprise that Crowd Supply creators turn to Digi-Key not only for parts, but also for inspiration,” said Joshua Lifton, Co-Founder and CEO of Crowd Supply. “We’re thrilled to come full circle and offer Crowd Supply products through Digi-Key to inspire the next wave of creators.”

“Digi-Key has been helping Maker Professionals bring their solutions to market for many years,” added Sandys. “Crowd Supply’s deeper vetting, back-end support and dedication toward product delivery makes them a favorite for creators seeking to bring their products to market. Since Digi-Key has been with those Maker Professionals all along, it is a natural progression for us to help make their products a success.”

For more information, visit maker.io or the Digi-Key website ( https://www.digikey.com/en/maker/ ).


Digi-Key Electronics  |  digikey.com

Maker.io is powered by Digi-Key Electronics and provides tools and resources to support maker professionals through the design roadmap from concept through production to marketing, distribution and support. The website also provides leading edge content, projects, videos and blogs from maker-friendly visionaries like Adafruit Industries, SparkFun Electronics and SEEED Studios. Visitors can also upload their private project information to help follow the roadmap and bring their product to life and if they choose they could make their project public and share with the community. All of this can be found at Maker.io

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