Connected Systems to Monitor Water Quality in French Polynesia

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Teams from Assystem Pacific, Bioceanor, Easy Global Market (EGM), and Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), are installing intelligent systems to monitor water quality in the Pacific Ocean. They are working together under the leadership of System Factory, the Cluster 4.0 for France’s “Region Sud”, dedicated to the engineering of complex systems.

These systems, set up at the Centre de Recherches Insulaires et Observatoire de l’Environnement (CRIOBE), aim to measure the physico-chemical parameters of the water in the Opunohu lagoon in Moorea and monitor its pollution.

Connected buoys developed by Bioceanor in collaboration with EGM now make it possible to monitor the environment of coral reefs using data collected in real time. Monitored parameters include temperature, salinity, turbidity and even certain pollutants. A box PC developed by Kontron, which acts as both a LoRaWAN-compatible IoT gateway and a network server, converts the status information sent by these sensors into MQTT streams and enables continuous secure retrieval and remote analysis of this data. Assystem Pacifique and Easy Global Market teams integrated this networked LoRa system.

Serge Planes, Director of CRIOBE, explains: “Working with System Factory and the companies involved in this project will allow us to take advantage of new technologies, in particular the development of new sensors and the implementation of new metrics to assess and improve the health of coral reefs, which is a major concern for biodiversity.”

The next step will be to build a 24- to 48-hour forecasting system based on the analysis of this data.

In addition, the collaboration between System Factory and local organizations in French Polynesia will continue. “The system was presented to the Polynesian Maritime Cluster and has attracted the full attention of local stakeholders,” says Stephane Claisse, Director of System Factory. “We are envisioning a project creating connected objects for aquaculture.”

Assystem, Bioceanor, Easy Global Market (EGM) and Kontron will present the technology used at the System Factory Day on 11 December at the Palais du Commerce et de la Mer in Toulon.

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