Rutronik presents the ISP1507-AL from Insight SiP: Complete solution for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ANT connections

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Insight SiP‘s new ISP1507-AL system-in-package (Distribution: Rutronik) is based on the nRF52810 from Nordic Semiconductor and is particularly suitable for mesh relay nodes and price-sensitive IoT applications. At dimensions of 8 × 8 × 1mm, it is one of the smallest fully integrated BLE modules on the market. The ISP1507-AL is available on as of now.

With an ARM Cortex M4 floating point processor the ISP1507-AL is able to do fast calculations and manage all 13 IOs, as well as analog and digital peripherals. 192kB flash memory, 24kB RAM and two already integrated crystals (32MHZ & 32kHz) allow demanding operations. In many cases, this module can eliminate the need for an additional microprocessor and/or additional memory that might have been necessary for previous generation products, saving cost of the total solution. An antenna and various interfaces, including SPI, I2C, UART and ADC, complete the SiP‘s features.

The module supports Bluetooth 5.0, ANT+ and various other mesh protocols. The optional NFC antenna allows touch-to-pair functionality for increased user comfort. Since the module is based on Nordics nRF52810, Nordics software stacks can also be used for the SiP. In addition, it is pin-compatible to the related modules ISP1507-AX and the new ISP1807-LR, which will be available Q1 2019.

Due to its small dimensions, high performance and wide range of functions, the ISP1507-AL BLE module represents the ideal choice when solutions require fast processing and low power consumption. Target applications include IoT, industrial sensors, wearables, beacons and home automation.

The Insight SiP‘s ISP1507-AL is now available at (where you can also place orders directly):

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