ASM to feature Open Automation concepts at Productronica 2021

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For the first time, ASM is designing its Productronica presence in a hybrid format this year. — Image source: ASM

Technology leader ASM will once again present a whole slew of innovative hardware and software solutions for the integrated smart factory at the Productronica 2021 trade fair (Messe München, November 16 to 19, 2021, Hall A3/ Booth 377). Highlights include the premiere of Open Automation, which is what ASM calls its comprehensive, modular and open concept for automation in SMT production, the highly flexible SIPLACE SX placement system, and new features for the DEK TQ high-volume printer. Other highlights are the expansion of the successful ASM ProcessLens platform, the comprehensive ASM Works shop floor management suite, and the MES solution from ASM subsidiary Critical Manufacturing. In the ASM Experience Areas with their fully functional SMT lines, visitors can see in realistic environments how ASM’s solutions can make their SMT production more productive, efficient, and resilient. ASM is designing this year’s Productronica presence in a hybrid format with accompanying presentations on the internet.

“ASM’s integrated Open Automation concept gives manufacturers the freedom to determine the degree and speed of automating their integrated smart factory themselves,” explains Alexander Hagenfeldt. Head of Solutions Management at ASM. — Image source: ASM

“Smart automation, machine communication and process improvements along the entire production line and across the Integrated Smart SMT Factory are the main topics we focus on at ASM this year. We are therefore especially pleased that we can finally present them to our customers live and in person again,” says Alexander Hagenfeldt, Head of SMT Solutions Management at ASM. “Since the dark factory with no human intervention whatsoever would be much too constrictive and lead to inflexible and overly rigid solutions, we are presenting at this year’s Productronica with Open Automation a holistic concept that allows electronics manufacturers to determine their own level of modular automation and implement it with the kind of speed and scale that works best for them. And our hybrid trade fair concept ensures that people who are unable to visit the show in person have access to all the information they need on demand.”

Open Automation – flexible and modular

Automation must not be allowed to squeeze users into proprietary silos while being implementable at economically justifiable investment costs. This is exactly what the open and modular Open Automation concept offers which ASM presents for the first time at this year’s Productronica in Munich. It gives manufacturers the flexibility they need in terms of processes and solutions as well as their degree of automation and its schedule. With Open Automation they can integrate existing lines and components into the overall concept and protect their investment for many years to come. Open interfaces such as the Hermes standard or IPC-CFX enable seamless communication from machine to machine along the entire SMT line, with smart solutions such as ASM Command Center or ASM Material Manager, and with MES or CRM systems that cover the whole enterprise. This way, machines, components and IT systems from many manufacturers can be integrated. The system also covers autonomous transport robots (AIVs) for material supply tasks, cobots for setup tasks, and smart, automated material storage systems. ASM will demonstrate all this on its ASM Touchless Line, where even the placement waste is automatically moved to a collection station and removed by AIVs.

Experience ASM solutions up close

With its new options, the DEK TQ high-volume printer features even more flexibility. — Image source: ASM

Visitors can also see the company’s smart hardware and software solutions live and in action in the booth’s Experience Area with its total of eleven stations featuring fully functional SMT lines that include DEK TQ and DEK NeoHorizon printers as well as SIPLACE SX and SIPLACE TX placement systems. The world’s first inline SPI expert system, the ASM ProcessExpert, shows how third-party end-of-line AOI systems can be integrated into the overall solution. For the first time, process improvements can now be implemented along the entire line up to autonomous printer control via the expert system.

Even more flexibility for the high-volume DEK TQ printer

The DEK TQ already stands out with its unsurpassed speed and precision. Its core cycle time of as little as five second and its wet printing accuracy of up to 17.5 microns @ 6 σ set new standards. With new options, ASM now offers even more flexibility and adjustability for this high-volume printer. They include: DEK All Purpose Clamping (APC), ASM’s universal and by far most flexible clamping system; DEK Smart Pin Placement for the automatic placement of various-size pins with integrated position and height check; and the DEK TQ Dual Access Cover for the interruption-free replacement of paste dispensers.

The SIPLACE SX combines SMD and OSC placement in a single unit, eliminating the need for special-purpose machines. — Image source: ASM

SPI: Speed and precision are no longer mutually exclusive

In most of today’s factories, users still must choose between high line speed or high SPI precision. ASM has finally reconciled the high quality requirements of advanced packaging applications with the speed requirements of modern SMT production. The new high-resolution optical system in the leading ASM ProcessLens HD 5D SPI system reduces inspection times by up to 70 percent without compromising its universally recognized high measurement precision. The bottom line: significant improvements in yield and process stability.

With its new high-resolution optical system, the ASM ProcessLens HD reduces inspection times by as much as 70 percent without compromising its measurement capabilities. — Image source: ASM

SIPLACE SX replaces special-purpose machines

The SIPLACE SX with its unique interchangeable gantries and heads that can be replaced in as little as 30 seconds becomes even more flexible at this year’s Productronica. Effective immediately, SMT components and OSCs can be processed in a single machine with maximum speed and precision. This is made possible by innovative grippers and the optional clinching tool. In addition, the outstanding SIPLACE vision system and the smart features of the SIPLACE station software ensure the highest placement quality for all types of components. Customers benefit from more productivity, efficiency and quality while lowering their production costs through automation and their investment costs by eliminating the need for separate special-purpose machines.

Software for the shop floor

Effective immediately, the modular and comprehensive ASM Works shop floor management suite helps users to make their SMT lines even more efficient and productive. Thanks to the new ASM Software Equipment Connector, the communication with third-party hardware has been improved considerably. For example, assist instructions for equipment from many other manufacturers can now be received in the ASM Command Center cockpit and on connected smart devices. In addition, error and root cause analyses in every process step along the entire SMT line are now possible through the integration of AOI systems and the new Quality Viewer analytics tool.

Enterprise-wide MES solution

Critical Manufacturing MES is an MES solution that ASM subsidiary Critical Manufacturing has developed especially for the electronics manufacturing industry. It makes enterprise-wide connectivity, transparency, traceability, automation, and transformation to Industry 4.0 possible by taking a unified approach to the manufacturing processes in the Integrated Smart Factory. The ASM Experience Area will present new enhancements for the Critical Manufacturing MES and convey its functions and benefits in realistic scenarios.

ASM for the first time with a hybrid presence

For the first time this year, ASM has designed its trade fair presence in a hybrid format with a classic ‘on site’ floor presence, an ‘on air’ presence with live internet streams from the ASM Productronica studio, and an ‘on demand’ presence with a virtual booth and an extensive media library. The virtual offerings are not only intended for those who cannot make the trip to Munich – they also allow visitors to follow up and learn more about the things they have seen at the booth. Starting on October 6, the ASM website will feature more details about ASM’s Productronica presence on an ongoing basis.

Visitors can register for their visit to the ASM booth already today and reserve a free ticket for the entire duration of this year’s Productronica.

Information about ASM’s Productronica presence and how to register is available at

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