Allegro MicroSystems Expands Isolated Gate Driver Portfolio with Power-Thru Combo Chip

New Product Provides Engineers with Greater Flexibility in Designing for Higher Power Output in EV Chargers

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Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. (“Allegro”), a global leader in power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy-efficient systems, announces the launch of the third product in its High Voltage Power-Thru™ portfolio. Allegro’s two-chip AHV85000 and AHV85040 isolated gate-driver IC solutions work together with external transformers to provide the freedom to design and maximize power efficiency for clean energy applications, including solar inverters, xEV charging infrastructures and energy storage systems (ESS), as well as data center power supply units.

Expanding upon Allegro’s existing Power-Thru technology, the new combo chip features the same benefits found in Allegro’s existing gate driver technology but relocates the isolation transformer from internal to external. By doing so, Allegro’s latest Power-Thru IC provides engineers greater design flexibility for isolation, power and layout since they can choose the suitable transformer according to their design requirements.

“We are excited to launch our latest solution in Allegro’s Power-Thru lineup. Engineers now have more flexibility and freedom with the new combo chip to streamline system architecture and maximize power efficiency, thanks to the removal of the transformer,” said Vijay Mangtani, Vice President and General Manager for High Voltage Power at Allegro. “This solution represents another example of our commitment to continued innovation and responsiveness to our customers’ and the design community’s needs.”

The new combo chip isolated gate driver provides additional advantages for applications with different isolation requirements. By facilitating greater cost and space optimization, this industry-first solution creates significantly greater design flexibility, including the ability to choose the isolation level, the best fit-for-purpose transformer, and where to put the isolation barrier within the system.

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