Vishay Intertechnology Synchronous Buck Regulators With Industry-Leading Output Current From 2 A to 10 A Deliver Output Power of Over 100 W

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Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today broadened its microBUCK® family of synchronous buck regulators with new 2 A to 10 A devices featuring a wide input voltage range of 4.5 V to 60 V. Combining high performance n-channel trench MOSFETs with a controller in the compact MLP55-27L package, space-saving Vishay Siliconix SiC46X devices deliver high efficiency and power density while improving long term reliability and simplifying thermal management.

The regulators released today feature high and low side MOSFETs with five times lower on-resistance than competing devices. Combined with their ultra low quiescent current, this results in high efficiencies over the full load range with peak efficiencies of up to 98 %. The high efficiency reduces power losses, enabling system designers to increase power density. SiC46X family regulators offer industry-leading output current capability and are unique in their ability to deliver output power > 100 W in 5 mm by 5 mm packages.

The devices’ high efficiency, combined with the superior thermal design of the MLP55-27L package, enables cooler operation for improved long term reliability while eliminating the need for a heatsink. This allows designers to shrink the PCB size, simplify thermal management, and reduce system costs.

With their input voltage range and an adjustable output voltage from 0.95*VIN down to 0.8 V, SiC46X family regulators are ideal for a wide range of applications. These include DC/DC converters for industrial and factory automation, programmable logic controllers (PLC), home automation, industrial computing, base station power supplies, wall transformer regulation, robotics, drones, battery management systems, power tools, and Ebikes, along with vending, ATM, and slot machines.

The SiC46X family consists of the 2 A SiC464, 4 A SiC463, 6 A SiC462, and 10 A SiC461. All devices share the same footprint to provide designers with a scalable solution. Highly configurable, the regulators feature adjustable switching from 100 kHz to 2 MHz, adjustable soft start and current limits, and three operating modes: forced continuous conduction, power save, or ultrasonic.

The devices’ constant on-time (COT) architecture delivers ultrafast transient response with minimum output capacitance and tight ripple regulation at light loads. It also enables loop stability regardless of the type of output capacitor used, including low ESR ceramic capacitors. The devices integrate a robust protection feature set, including output overvoltage protection (OVP), overcurrent circuit protection (OCP), short circuit protection (SCP) with auto retry, overtemperature protection (OTP), and a power good flag.

Samples and production quantities of the SiC46X family are available now, with lead times of eight weeks for large orders.

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