Tyco Electronics releases one of the smallest PICO SWITCHING COAX CONNECTORS

by donpedro

With miniaturization as a continuing trend in the production of mobile devices, there has been increasingly strong demand for smaller connectors that are compatible with high frequencies used in mobile terminals. To meet this demand, Tyco Electronics (TE) has introduced one of the smallest Pico switching coax connectors in the market. The product is 2 × 2 × 0.9mm in size, with 0.4mm self alignment.
TE’s miniature Pico switching coax connector allows for integration into the smallest mobile devices. To facilitate automatic testing, the connector also features a relatively large self alignment which provides a larger tolerance to position the test probe.
Coax RF (radio frequency) connectors with an integrated switch are widely used for accurate testing of a mobile device’s radio output. When a test plug is inserted on the top of the connector, the antenna path is diverted from the mobile device’s internal antenna to the test plug, thus enabling testing of the accuracy of the mobile device’s signal.

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