Toshiba launches tiny common-drain N-channel MOSFET

New device features very low on-resistance making it suitable for quick charging applications

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Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (“Toshiba”) launched a 12V common-drain N-channel MOSFET with a current rating of 20A, for use in battery protection circuits in lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs, such as those commonly used for smartphones, tablets, power banks, compact digital cameras, digital SLR cameras and other similar applications.

Li-ion battery pack safety is enhanced by highly robust protection circuits that reduce heat generation while charging and discharging. In order to meet the required charging performance, these circuits must have low power consumption. Given the compact nature of these solutions, suitable MOSFETs must be small and thin while delivering low levels of on-resistance.

The new 20A SSM14N956L is rated for a 12V source-to-source voltage (VSSS) and uses Toshiba’s micro-process, in common with the already released 13.5A SSM10N954L. This ensures excellent low on-resistance (RSS(ON)) characteristics, as low as 1mΩ, which limits conduction losses. Additionally, the process delivers low gate-source leakage current (IGSS) of ±1µA (max.), allowing for low standby power consumption. Together, these attributes allow for extended battery operation between charges.

In order to fit in the constrained spaces available in these applications, the new SSM14N956L is designed as a chip-scale package, known as TCSPED-302701. The dimensions are just 2.74mm x 3.0mm with a typical height of just 0.085mm.

Shipments of the new device start today and Toshiba will continue to develop MOSFET products for protection circuits in devices powered by lithium-ion battery packs.

More information about SSM14N956L can be found on the Toshiba website:

Toshiba Electronics Europe

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