Silicon Labs Launches Industry’s Smallest PCI Express Clock IC for Consumer Electronics

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Silicon Labs introduced the industry’s smallest PCI Express (PCIe) compliant clock generator targeting consumer and embedded applications where reliability, board space,

component count and power consumption are critical design factors. Designed to meet the stringent specifications of the PCIe Generation 1/2/3 standards, the new Si50122 clock leverages Silicon Labs’ low-power PCIe and CMEMS® technologies to provide an energy-friendly, crystal-less timing solution for a wide range of applications. The PCIe clock is ideal for digital video and still cameras, IP set-top boxes, HD streaming video players, high-definition digital TVs, home entertainment and audio systems, multi-function printers, consumer and small-business storage, and home gateway and wireless access equipment.
The Si50122 is the first clock generator to incorporate Silicon Labs’ patented CMEMS technology. The internal CMEMS resonator provides a stable frequency reference to the device’s CMOS clock circuitry, eliminating the need for a bulky, discrete quartz crystal. By leveraging CMEMS technology, the Si50122 PCIe clock provides the benefits of shock and vibration immunity, exceptional reliability and guaranteed performance under harsh conditions such as extreme temperature swings. Because handheld consumer electronics products are susceptible to being bumped or dropped, using a robust CMEMS PCIe clock generator rather than a crystal-based solution eliminates the risk of system failure caused by a broken quartz resonator.
Offered in a tiny 2 mm × 2.5 mm 10-pin TDFN package, the Si50122 is the smallest PCIe clock generator available, as well as the industry’s lowest power crystal-less PCIe clocking solution. This industry-leading combination of small size and ultra-low power makes the Si50122 a best-in-class solution for space-constrained, handheld and battery-powered consumer and embedded applications that are adopting the PCIe interconnect standard. To reduce system cost, power consumption and component count and to simplify board design, the Si50122 PCIe clock generator uses a low-power “push-pull” HCSL output buffer, which eliminates the need for all external termination resistors at the HCSL outputs.

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