Silicon Labs introduces highest performance, lowest power SUB-GHz wireless ICS

by donpedro

Silicon Laboratories Inc. introduced the industry’s highest performance, lowest power sub-GHz transceivers designed to maximize range and battery life for wireless systems. The new Si446x EZRadioPRO® transceiver family’s combination of superior RF performance and ultra-low power consumption makes it an ideal solution for a broad range of wireless applications including smart meters, security and home automation systems, industrial control systems, sensor networks and electronic shelf labels. The new EZRadioPRO Si446x transceiver family offers industry-leading RF performance resulting in extended wireless range and compliance with the industry’s most stringent narrowband regulatory standards while delivering a superior cost-performance solution for designers. The transceivers provide exten­ded range for wireless applications by leveraging best-in-class performance specifications in transmit output power (+20dBm), sensitivity (-126dBm), link budget (146dB) and RX adjacent channel selectivity (58dB).

Silicon Laboratories Inc.

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