Murata Power Solutions introduces the Industry’s first DOSA compliant 1/32 “brick” 30 W DC/DC converter series

by donpedro

Murata Power Solutions today announced the ULT series of isolated 30 Watt DC/DC converters available in a miniature 1/32 brick industry standard Distributed-power Open Systems Alliance (DOSA) compatible open frame package. Measuring just 19.1 x 23.4 x 8.89 mm, the ULT series takes up significantly less board space than other 30W products on the market and is available with either through-hole or surface mount option.
The ULT series has been designed with a wide (2:1) input voltage range of 36 – 75 VDC to meet the requirements of 48V and 60V battery back-up systems. The initial product release includes 12Vout, 5Vout, and 3.3Vout models with lower voltages to come in the near future. The maximum output power of 30 W is available from the 12Vout model, with the 5V and 3.3V models producing 25W. Line regulation is typically within +/- 0.1% of Vout across all Vin conditions at full load. An external trim function allows the output voltage to be trimmed by + 10 % to – 20% to accommodate losses. Input to output isolation is certified to 1,500 V in accordance with the internationally recognized safety standard EN/UL60950.
The ULT series offers features that include remote On/Off control of either negative or positive logic, Vout trim and a remote sense capability. In addition the converter has a number of protection features including output short circuit protection, over temperature shutdown and input under voltage lockout.
The ULT series was designed for a wide range of applications including distributed power architectures in Industrial, Telecommunications, Routing, Optical Networking, Wireless equipment and Microwave Radio/point to point communications.
The ULT series is designed to operate in the most severe outdoor environments with an operating ambient temperature range from -40 to +85 degrees C.

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