Silego Announces a 130 V Surge-protected, 28 V Tolerant, USB Type C Integrated Power Splitter/Switch in WLCSP

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Silego Technology Inc. (Silego), a developer of highly configurable and cost-effective mixed signal products, announced the introduction of the SLG59H1302C – a very robust single-input, dual-output power splitter designed for mid- and high-end smartphones and tablet PCs.
Any integrated circuit (IC) product designed for consumer electronics and operating in the vicinity of edge connectors must be tolerant of electrical surges and abuses caused by an incorrect application of power adapters. In these applications, system-level, over-voltage protection (OVP) has become a standard requirement. The SLG59H1302C’s 130 V surge protection rating is 30% stronger than the competition and its 20-nanosecond reaction time to OVP events is at least seven times faster. Its faster OVP response time protects sensitive downstream components from possible damage. Even though designed to operate with 5 V, 9 V, or 12 V power adapters, the SLG59H1302C does not suffer damage even if 20 V power adapters are mistakenly used.
In applying Silego’s proprietary MOSFET design IP, the Company’s design engineers deftly packaged two high-performance nFET transistors into a pcb-space-efficient 5 mm2 WLCSP footprint no larger than the competition. In fact, the SLG59H1302C’s VBUS-to-VOUT RDSON is 47% smaller, and its VBUS-to-VSYS RDSON is 31% smaller than existing solutions. Because of these high-performance nFETs, the SLG59H1302C’s very low operating thermal gradients enable higher component packing density and ease system thermal design.

SLG59H1302C’s key features include:
• 28V-tolerant Continuous VBUS Operation
• 130V-rated, Internal Transient Voltage Suppressor
• Wide Input Operating Voltage Range: 2.7 V to 13.2 V
• High-performance, high current, low RDSON, low-leakage nFET MOSFETs:
– Active LOW Enabled, VBUS-to-VOUT: 12 mΩ
– Active HIGH Enabled, VBUS-to-VSYS: 24 mΩ, Back-to-back, Reverse-blocking
• Maximum Continuous Current-handling Capability
– VBUS-to-VOUT: 6 A
– VBUS-to-VSYS: 6 A
• Integrated Input Over-voltage Protection with Fast Reaction Time
– VBUS-to-VOUT: 14.1 V
– VBUS-to-VSYS: 5.25 V
• Integrated Input Undervoltage Lockout
• Integrated Thermal Shutdown Protection
• An Integrated “Always On” Regulator Powers Downstream Components
• Active HIGH Enabled, Independent Shutdown Control
• Push-pull VSYS Power Good Digital Output
• Specified Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C

Targeted applications addressed by the SLG59H1302C include:
• Mid- and Platform/High-end Smartphones
• Tablet PCs

Silego – The CMIC Company

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