Rutronik presents smallest GNSS module based on CSR SiRFstarV chip from GNS

by donpedro

GNS has unveiled the new GNS2301 with a superior dynamic performance at high velocity. It provides effective protection against interference signals, as it can eliminate or reduce up to eight independent channel interferences. The module is available at distributor Rutronik as of now.
The new GNS2301 supports American, Russian and future European satellite systems, several satellite auxiliary systems as well as self prediction and predicted A-GNSS. The communication is ensured by UART, SPI or I²C. The new module features an extended power supply range of 1.8 up to 4.3V. Therefore, a Lithium battery can be directly connected to the module. With the assistance of external MEMS sensors, the navigation can be kept up even without satellite reception. 52 signal channels and dimensions of 10 × 9.3 × 2.1 mm complete the key features. The new GPS+ GLONASS combination module is the first CSR based positioning product of GNS. It is completely designed and made in Germany and distributed by Rutronik worldwide.


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