Renesas Electronics Europe Announces RX-Based Solution Kit to Accelerate HMI Application Development

by donpedro

Renesas Electronics Europe announced the release of the “Display it! – RX HMI Solution Kit”. This is the second “Display it! – RX HMI Solution Kit” after the release

of the RZ based kit on 30th October and is part of the Renesas Solution Kit initiative. This new 32-bit MCU RX based solution kit enables engineers to quickly evaluate and demonstrate the leading HMI tools in the industry, accelerating their prototyping and decision-making processes. This second “Display it! – RX HMI Solution Kit” is based on Renesas’ RX63N and RX631 groups of microcontrollers.
The “Display it! – RX HMI Solution Kit” continues to drive innovation for the next generation of connected applications with HMI requirements, helping designers simplify and speed the development cycle by adding a touchscreen TFT for medical, instrumentation, home automation, energy management, fitness and transportation products.
These RX63N/RX631 groups offer up to 256kB embedded RAM and up to 2MB of embedded zero wait state Flash, and run on a 100MHz CPU clock frequency.
In terms of communication capability, the RX631/RX63N offer up to three channels of CAN 2.0B compliant interfaces, two USB full speed (Host Function/OTG Function) and device features and an Ethernet MAC IEEE 802.3 interface, compliant with MII and RMII, for easy connection to a PHY.
To cope with the HMI requirement, the RX63N/RX631 groups includes an exDMA peripheral that can transfer data over an external bus independently of the internal bus occupation. This allows these MCUs to easily support TFT solutions for up to WQVGA class TFT panels.
Based on Renesas’ RX63N MCU and the 4.3-inch WQVGA graphic/touch module, the “Display it! – RX HMI Solution Kit” offers a cost-effective platform for rapid GUI development and deployment. Out of the box, the kit provides efficient testing of GUI demo software products from leading Renesas Alliance Partners, including:

• emWIN from Segger
• GUIX from Express Logic
• Guiliani from TES
• MicroEJ JVM from IS2T
• TouchGFX from Draupner

Renesas Electronics Europe

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