Powering Innovation: Next generation of DC/DC converter from RECOM at Rutronik

by gabi

Rutronik introduces RECOM’s new R24C2T25 series 2 W isolated DC/DC converter, which enable designers to evaluate and use multiple types of SiC power transistors without time-consuming and costly design changes. The converter comes in a compact, 36-pin SSO package and offers two asymmetrical output voltages that are programmable via external resistor networks to efficiently drive SiC gates. Voltages are maintained within +/- 1.5% to avoid the risk of overvoltage and damage. The total power available is 2 W at an ambient temperature of up to 82 °C and 2.5 W at up to 75 °C (by derating 0.5 W up to max. 125 °C). The R24C2T25 has a soft start, input undervoltage and overvoltage protection, thermal shutdown, and output overload protection. A Power Good signal and an ON / OFF control put the component into standby mode with less than 700 µA current consumption. The converter is ideal for a wide range of applications such as industrial automation, data communication, or infrastructure applications and is now available at www.rutronik24.com.

The programmable outputs of the R24C2T25 isolated DC/DC converter allow customers to evaluate different components and set the optimum voltage levels for the best combination of system efficiency and safety without expensive and time-consuming design changes. One output can be set between
+ 2.5 VDC and + 22.5 VDC, the other between – 2.5 VDC and – 22.5 VDC with a total positive-to-negative voltage of 18 VDC to 25 VDC to drive SiC gates most efficiently. The isolation of the R24C2T25 is 3 kVAC / 1 min with an extremely low coupling capacitance of 3.5 pF and a common mode transient immunity of +/- 150 V / µs.

In addition to its programmability, the new series impresses with its low weight and space requirement (7.5 mm x 12.83 mm, 36-pin SSO package) combined with high power density. The SMT package improves the high-frequency behavior by reducing parasitic effects and line lengths for applications with fast switching speeds.

The 2 W DC/DC converter is a versatile solution for isolated gate bias voltages, especially for transistors such as IGBTs, Si, and SiC MOSFETs, as well as Cascode GaNs, and is the ideal choice for applications such as robotics, wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, or battery management systems.

Benefits at a glance:

  • High power density
  • Programmable asymmetrical output voltages
  • High 3 kVAC /1 min isolation with 150 kV /µs CMTI
  • 1.5 W at -40 °C to +100 °C
  • Less than 3.5 pF isolation capacitance
  • Compact 7.5 mm x 12.83mm SMD package
  • Surface efficiency
  • Low weight

Further application examples:

  • Industrial automation
    • Motor controls
    • Inverters
    • Arc welding
  • Building and home automation
    • HVAC
  • Data and telecommunications
    • Data centers
    • Wireless data transmission
  • Infrastructure
    • Railways
    • Commercial vehicles

For more information to the new R24C2T25 series from RECOM and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at www.rutronik24.com


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