ON Semiconductor to Demonstrate Intelligent IoT Technologies Including Advanced Audio Processing at CES 2020

by donpedro

ON Semiconductor, driving energy efficient innovations, will showcase a wide range of innovative technologies for smart homes, connected buildings and personal IoT at CES 2020.

The rise of voice control and Voice User Interfaces (VUI) has made audio processing critical to the success of a wide range of building automation and household applications. ON Semiconductor will feature two demonstrations using its LC823455, (http://bit.ly/2PM3ENO) which provides key features for portable sound solutions and support for VUI. A Strata-enabled stereo speaker capable of streaming music over Bluetooth® will show various advanced audio functionalities including touch sensor-based volume control and voice commands. The LC823455 will also be featured in a cloud-based VUI demonstration for communication with IoT (http://bit.ly/36I34I3) edge-nodes applications.

Connected lighting offers the highest growth potential within smart homes and buildings, driven by new features including lighting as a service and its ability to reduce energy consumption. The Connected Lighting Platform (http://bit.ly/2YJn4XG) is an energy efficient solution for developing industrial LED lighting applications. Offering Bluetooth® Low Energy (http://bit.ly/2PjmbSI) connectivity provided by the RSL10 SIP (http://bit.ly/34cj5nO) as well as Power over Ethernet (PoE) (http://bit.ly/2rLdJTb) for high-power wired connectivity, the platform will demonstrate dimming and on/off functions. Expanding on low power capabilities, the Intelligent Connected Building demo combines Zigbee™ GreenPower, (http://bit.ly/2EbImUD) an energy harvesting switch and Smart Passive Sensors™ (http://bit.ly/2RM6iWB) to display a completely battery-free, wireless solution with environmental sensing and control.

ON Semiconductor’s IoT expertise also extends to vision systems such as smart doorbells, AR/VR/MR, home IP cameras and wearables. Our CES demo area dedicated to the technology will show the diversity of the company’s intelligent imaging (http://bit.ly/36wTNCj) capabilities including a high-performance 4K sensor with 4 times on-chip High Dynamic Range (HDR) exposure. For battery-powered security cameras, a low-power 4 MP HDR solution will be on display. An anti-spoofing face recognition demo based on the AR0237IR CMOS image sensor (http://bit.ly/34jq5iK) and Ambarella CV25 AI SoC takes video surveillance to a new level of security, proving effectiveness in day and night conditions.

ON Semiconductor

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