No data loss due to power failure thanks to emergency power module

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The PB series offers industrial standalone emergency power modules that protect your industrial PC from power failures. The innovative emergency power modules of the PB series from ICP Germany are equipped with the latest supercapacitor technology and are characterized by their versatility, robustness and performance.

Thanks to the use of supercapacitor technology, they can be operated at temperatures from -25°C to 65°C. The patented CAP energy management technology ensures that up to 180W of power can be reliably delivered to the back-end system without the need for additional drivers or software installation. The series is divided into three systems.

The PB-9250J-SA consists of eight 370F/3.0V supercapacitors and offers an impressive energy capacity of 9250 watt-seconds. The maximum output power is 180W for the connected back-end system. The PB-4600J-SA consists of four 370F/3.0V supercapacitors and offers an energy capacity of 4600 watt-seconds, the maximum output power is 100W. The PB-2580J-SA consists of eight 100F/2.7V supercapacitors and offers an energy capacity of 2580 watt-seconds and a maximum output power of 70W. All three systems have a long service life of over 10 years. The robustness of the emergency power modules is underlined by the impressive number of 500,000 charge/discharge cycles.

In addition to the usual UPS-like power supply mode, the PB-9250J-SA also offers two ignition control modes for use in vehicles. It can work with both a standard box PC and an in-vehicle controller to ensure a reliable power supply. It enables a user-configurable on and off delay according to the IGN signal input. Thanks to its extensive functions, output power of up to 180W, maintenance-free energy storage and uninterruptible power supply, the PB series is able to protect numerous commercially available box PCs from data loss during a power failure in harsh industrial environments

Universal standalone emergency power module for box PCs


  • Universal standalone power supply module
  • Up to 9250 watt-seconds capacity
  • Maximum 180 watt output
  • Compatible with all Box PCs
  • Operating temperature: -25°C – 65°C


  • Automation
  • Industrial control
  • Vehicle control systems
  • Industrial PC

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