New at SMTconnect: ASM E-Solutions Line

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One new component of the E-Solutions Line is the ASM Line Monitor, which does not only display the status of orders on the line but minimizes errors and line stops by proactively coordinating the line staff.

For several years, technology leader ASM has been successful in the mid-speed segment with E by DEK printing and E by SIPLACE placement solutions by offering users exceptional quality, great performance, and a broad component spectrum. Now ASM is presenting the E-Solutions Line as the next generation of its coordinated midspeed portfolio. What’s particularly impressive is the new line’s integrated software concept, because ASM’s E-Solutions use the same programming, planning, control and monitoring solutions that ASM employs in its high-end equipment and its integrated workflow solutions. One new component of the E-Solutions Line is the ASM Line Monitor, which does not only display the status of orders on the line but minimizes errors and line stops by proactively coordinating the line staff. On the hardware side, the new ASM E-Solutions Line stands out with more improvements and more flexibility. The component spectrum of the E by SIPLACE covers sizes ranging from 0.4 x 0.2 mm to 200 x 110 mm that can be deposited with placement forces as low as 0.5 N or even “touchlessly” onto circuit boards that are up to 1,200 mm long.  And the modular E by DEK printers feature a wide range of options to accommodate changing requirements in terms of speed, quality and process stability.

“Many equipment vendors isolate the mid-speed/all-round segment with special software solutions that send users into a technology dead-end. We do things differently. ASM pursues a modern and open strategy with an integrated software environment for all our printing and placement platforms. This leaves smaller companies open to hardware upgrades or our highly integrated workflow solutions when their operations grow and customers place greater demands on throughput and/or quality. On the other hand, our approach also enables customers to supplement their ASM high-speed platforms with E-Solutions for prototypes or small lots without having to make compromises in terms of software or data connectivity. And then there is our strong service for all-round/midspeed applications that benefits from our global presence with sales, technology, support and logistics centers,” explains Oliver Kraus, SMT Solutions Marketing Manager at ASM.

Coordinated line solution
The new ASM E-Solutions Line combines modular E by DEK printers with powerful E by SIPLACE machines and the ASM Line Monitor. Thanks to this approach, E by DEK stencil printers can be equipped and retrofitted for the respective application with a wide range of clamping and transport options, semi-automatic stencil mounting systems, paste inspection, various undercleaning systems, and process controls. The E by SIPLACE placement solutions are similarly flexible with oversized board handling, component-specific settings in the high-end digital vision system, configurable placement forces, and a unique component spectrum that ranges from 01005 to odd shapes, all of which are covered with only three head types. Best of all, this unique flexibility does not come at the expense of speed: The CP14 head achieves up to 45,300 cph, and the CP12/PP head places up to 24,200 components per hour in sizes ranging from 01005 to 45 x 87.5 mm by switching instantly between collect-and-place and pick-and-place modes, which turns the single-gantry E by SIPLACE into a universal high-mix placement machine. And for end-of-line applications, ASM’s famous TwinHead handles components that are up to 200 x 110 mm large.

ASM Line Monitor
The ASM Line Monitor is a powerful monitoring solution that shows order and line status at a glance. It also notifies the line staff of upcoming operations such as which feeders need to be refilled soon. This proactive coordination makes the job easier, minimizes line stops, and increases the total line output.

Attractive 0-percent financing model for customers in Germany
ASM’s commercial support is as strong as the company’s technical capabilities. Together with Siemens Financial Services, which specializes in technology financing, ASM has developed a 0-percent financing model for its German customers that’s as simple as it is flexible.

For more information about ASM’s E-Solutions, their financing and the company’s schedule for the SMTconnect show, visit:

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