Murata’s collaboration with Beta LAYOUT delivers comprehensive UHF Passive RFID starter kit

by donpedro

Murata and Beta LAYOUT, a company specializing in rapid PCB prototyping services, today announced the launch of an RFID starter kit based on Murata’s MAGICSTRAP® UHF passive RFID devices. Aimed at engineers and developers wishing to quickly learn about and incorporate RFID into their electronics design, the kit comprises a reader/writer board, communication software, two reader antennas and four different kinds of MAGICSTRAP® RFID tag modules. One reader antenna is designed for standard applications where the detection range is up to several metres. The loop antenna is provided for use in hidden applications such as for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. Using the kit allows engineers to trial the full versatility and flexibility of MAGICSTRAP® RFID devices. Communication over short distances for individual tag connections can be experienced as well as bulk reading of MAGICSTRAP® based PCB tags as necessary in logistics processes. Typical applications for MAGICSTRAP® RFID include any type of electronics application such as mobile phones, industrial control, consumer electronics and test & measurement equipment.

The basic UHF-RFID starter is available for purchase from Beta LAYOUT:


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