MSC Technologies offers IXYS new 650V X2-Class Superjunction Mosfet

by donpedro

Power-IXYS-press-4MSC Technologies, a business unit of Avnet, Inc., presents a new 650V X2-Class Mosfet family with current ratings from 2A to 120A and an RDS(on) as low as 24mOhm. This new part family is using the superjunction principle (charge compensation technique), where implanted p-zones in the vertical n-drift region are used to decrease the on-resistance.

During on-time the high doped n-region has a lot of electrons carrying the current, switching to off-state the electrons can recombine very fast in the p-trenches. This technology significantly reduces the on-resistance and gate charge by same chip size. It also lowers the energy stored in the output capacitance, thereby minimizing the switching losses. The Figure of Merit shows the excellent performance of the Ixys X2-Class Mosfet in comparison with other superjunction technologies of competitors like ST Microelectronics or Infineon. With the combination of improved switching and thermal performance these devices offer the best cost performance, even better than SiC devices, especially looking for high ruggedness and reliability.

That´s why this Mosfet family is well suited for high-efficiency, high-speed power switching application like switch-mode and resonant-mode power supplies, DC-DC converters, AC- and DC motor drives as well as servo control. The new 650V X2 Power Mosfet are available in the following international standard size packages: TO-252, TO-220 (standard or overmolded), TO-263, SOT-227, TO-247 and PLUS-247.


MSC Technologies

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