Mouser Explores the Challenges of Harsh Environments, and Offers Solutions, with Technical Resource Hub

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Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest electronic components and industrial automation products, is equipping engineers with trusted resources in its recently updated harsh environments content hub. Mouser’s technical resources aid engineers in recognizing potential hazards and ensuring safety in challenging conditions. The resource center offers state-of-the-art solutions and products to mitigate the risks associated with harsh environments, providing professionals with the tools they need to protect lives and minimize environmental impacts.

Advanced sensors, ruggedized components, and specialized materials enable many applications to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, and other environmental factors that would otherwise affect productivity and worker safety. For professionals in roles such as first responders and industrial energy management, these cutting-edge technologies have significantly improved operations by enabling precise data collection and analysis, leading to better decision-making and ultimately enhancing safety conditions and success rates.

Mouser partners with leading manufacturers to curate eBooksarticles, and blogs to combat the unpredictability of harsh environments by exploring industry trends such as automation, complex sensing and control systems, and fail-safe designs. In a recent eBook with TE Connectivity, Mouser’s technical team examines the vulnerability of electrical systems and circuits and provides tailored products and solutions relevant to a wide range of industries.

Mouser stocks the industry’s widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, including the following solutions for harsh environment applications:

  • Molex EXTreme Guardian plug-side cable assemblies feature polarized mating geometry and locking tang-on terminals to ensure secure retention and prevent accidental mis-mating. These cable assemblies provide robust strain relief at the connector and cable interface and accommodate a wide range of design configurations. Typical applications include automotive, data communications, solar, medical, and telecommunications.
  • Advantech FPM-200 industrial monitors are designed for intuitive operation in smart factories and machine automation display applications. Their die-cast aluminum chassis and IP66-rated aluminum alloy front bezel provide durability for harsh industrial environments.
  • Amphenol Socapex USB3AP composite USB 3.2 access points feature a self-closing cap protecting the USB-A receptacle from splashes and dust when the plug or the USB memory key is unmated. These USB connectors offer IP54 sealing, providing a rugged USB access point solution for industrial process control and other applications.
  • TE Connectivity Heavy-Duty Sealed Connectors with MATEnet inserts enable Ethernet connectivity of up to 1Gbps in chassis applications in heavy-duty commercial vehicles. It supports hybrid connections for Ethernet and is scalable for use with UTP and STP cables. These connectors are suitable for a variety of environments, including agriculture, construction, and heavy/medium-duty trucks.

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