Molex Premo-Flex Round Flat Cable Jumpers, Now at Mouser, Deliver Flexibility and Performance for Demanding Applications

by gabi

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest electronic components and industrial automation products, is now stocking the Premo-Flex round flat cable (RFC) jumpers from Molex. The Premo-Flex RFC jumpers enable designers and OEMs to maximize limited PCB space and reduce component costs by eliminating the need for connectors or wire stripping while providing reliable board-to-board connections. The jumpers are ideal for space-constrained applications that require rugged performance,  including automotiveindustrial, aerospace, medical, and consumer and home appliances.

The Molex Premo-Flex RFC jumpers feature round end contacts, removing the need for a connector and allowing the contacts to be soldered directly to the PCB using a wave soldering process. The Premo-Flex RFC Jumpers are highly resistant to vibration and bending, delivering superior signal integrity in a multitude of demanding environments.

The Premo-Flex jumpers can have round contacts throughout or flattened contacts in selected locations to create a round-flat-round or round-to-flat contact style jumper. Termination options for the Premo-Flex Jumpers include flat contacts with a zero-insertion force (ZIF) or a low-insertion force (LIF) connector, round contacts with through-hole soldering, or hybrid options that feature flat contacts on one end and round contacts on the other.

The RFC jumpers are available in polyester, aramid, and polyimide insulation options. These products meet Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) requirements. Additionally, they are designed to withstand high temperatures, with polyester variants rated up to +105°C and polyimide and aramid variants rated up to +125°C.

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