Modelithics develops model of AVX’s surface mount chip capacitor

by donpedro

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, has worked with Modelithics to create a surface mount chip capacitor model for its GX02 broadband capacitor series that addresses DC blocking issues from 16kHz (-3dB roll-off) to 65GHz. Designated the CAP-AVX-GX02-001 model, the model is substrate scalable and land pattern (pad) scalable, accounting for substrate and printed circuit board related parasitic effects including, substrate height, dielectric constant, loss tangent, interconnect metal thickness, component tolerance, pad width, pad length, pad gap, and other input parameters.
Ideal for use with microstrip applications, the CAP-AVX-GX02-001 model features a Sim_mode switch that enables pad stack effects to be disabled. The model is validated to 65GHz on a 5 mil Alumina substrate, and to lower frequencies using additional printed circuit board materials. The CAP-AVX-GX02-001 model also features equivalent circuit topology and accurate effective series resistance (ESR) measured to 1GHz. Applications of the GX02 model also include optical communication and high-speed data transfer.

AVX Corporation

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