Microchip’s MOST® ToGo reference designs make creating automotive infotainment systems easy

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Microchip announces its MOST® ToGo Reference Designs, which make it easy for designers to learn and implement the proven MOST technology in their

automotive infotainment systems. MOST ToGo enables designers to leverage Microchip’s extensive experience and focus on their application software development, rather than studying the vast MOST specifications. Included in both reference designs are three MOST network-compliant hardware nodes with full schematics, code and function catalogues: everything needed to train, learn or develop a full MOST system design from concept, to implementation, to testing. The kits can be used as a complete blueprint for critical circuits, to create quick demonstrations and significantly speed overall development and testing times.
Both kits provide a MOST technology hardware reference design and fully implemented software stack, which helps developers to pass compliance testing at the first time. The boards include a daughter-card connector, enabling the addition of expansion boards for more audio, video, wireless or a host of other functions.
The MOST150 cPhy MOST ToGo Evaluation Kit (B20001) is priced at $2,599 and includes everything needed to implement a MOST150 coax network. This kit is based on the OS81110 cPhy Evaluation Board (B20002) which is also available separately, priced at $699.
The MOST50 ePhy MOST ToGo Evaluation Kit (B20004) priced at $2,599 includes everything needed to implement a MOST50 electrical network. This kit is based on the OS81092 ePhy Evaluation Board (B20003), which is also available separately, priced at $699.

Key Facts:
• Complete collections of hardware, firmware and documentation for MOST50 electrical and MOST150 coax physical-layer systems
• Enables designers to focus on application design and speed demonstration, development and testing
• Leverages Microchip’s extensive experience in MOST technology

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