Microchip’s dual-channel USB-port power controller maximises system reliability and uptime using dynamic thermal management

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Microchip announces the expansion of its programmable USB-port power controller portfolio with the dual-channel UCS2112. This new USB-port power controller supports two ports, with eight programmable continuous current limits, ranging from 0.53 to 3.0 Amps for each port, to enable faster charging times at higher currents. Features for protecting and increasing overall system uptime also include integrated current monitoring, precision current limiting, charge rationing and dynamic thermal management. The UCS2112 helps designers to address a wide array of host devices, such as the laptops, tablets, monitors, docking stations and printers found in automotive, computing, education and aviation applications, as well as multi-port charging accessories and storage. This device has the flexibility to work individually, or in conjunction with USB hubs, to create a complete charging and/or USB-communication system.
For a better end-user experience, the UCS2112’s dynamic thermal-management feature throttles back the current limit as it approaches the thermal limit, preventing shutdown and allowing for charging where other devices have stopped completely. The UCS2112’s integrated current monitor eliminates the need for an external sense resistor and enables an “attach detect” signal that does not rely on the main power to be active for hosts that are off or sleeping. Current monitoring and rationing also help to manage multiple charging devices and can balance a dynamic load current for systems with smaller power supplies.
The UCS2112 also aligns with the USB Power Delivery initiatives from the USB Industry Forum, and is in compliance with various charging specifications, including the USB-IF BC1.2.
The UCS2112 USB-port power controller is supported by Microchip’s new UCS2112 Evaluation Board (ADM00639) priced at $140, which is available today. The UCS2112 is available now for sampling and volume production in a 20-pin QFN package.

Key Facts:
• Faster charging at higher currents enabled by up to 3 Amps of continuous current per port
• Integrated current monitoring for increased system uptime
• Manages multiple charging devices and provides dynamic load current balancing
• Designed for host devices, multi-port charging accessories and storage applications

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