Microchip launches world’s first analogue-based power management controller with integrated MCU, for flexible, efficient power conversion

by donpedro

Microchip announces the MCP19111, the world’s first digitally enhanced power analogue controller, which expands Microchip’s diverse range of intelligent DC/DC power-conversion solutions. Microchip also announces the expansion of its high-speed MOSFET family, with the new MCP87018, MCP87030, MCP87090 and MCP87130. Rated at 25V, these 1.8mΩ, 3mΩ, 9mΩ and 13mΩ logic-level MOSFETs are optimised for Switched-Mode-Power-Supply (SMPS) applications. The combination of the MCP19111 digitally enhanced power analogue controller, a new hybrid, digital and analogue power-management device, and the expanded MCP87XXX family of low-Figure-of-Merit (FOM) MOSFETs, supports configurable, high-efficiency DC/DC power-conversion designs for a broad array of consumer and industrial applications.
The MCP19111 digitally enhanced power analogue family operates across a wide voltage range of 4.5 to 32V and offers a significant increase in flexibility over conventional analogue-based solutions. It offers the world’s first hybrid, mixed-signal power-management controller, integrating an analogue-based PWM controller with a fully functional Flash-based microcontroller. This integration offers the flexibility of a digital solution, with the speed, performance and resolution of an analogue-based controller. The MCP19111 devices support operation up to 32V, and have integrated MOSFET drivers configured for synchronous, step-down applications.
When combined with Microchip’s expanded family of high-speed MOSFETs, the MCP19111 drives customisable, high-efficiency power conversion.

Watch a short video on the MCP19111: www.microchip.com/get/C0TN

The MCP19111 Evaluation Board (ADM00397), priced at $49.99, also includes Microchip’s high-speed MOSFETs and is available now. This evaluation board is offered with standard firmware, which is user-configurable through an MPLAB® X IDE Graphical User Interface (GUI) plug-in. The combined evaluation board, GUI and firmware allow power-supply designers to configure and evaluate the performance of the MCP19111 for their target applications.
The MCP87030/090/130/018 Power MOSFETs are available now for sampling and volume production, with the exception of the MCP87018 which has expected availability in February. The MCP19111 controller is offered in a 5×5 mm, 28-pin QFN package. The MCP87030 and MCP87018 MOSFETs are offered in a 5×6 mm, 8-pin PDFN package. The MCP87090 and MCP87130 MOSFETs are offered in both a 5×6 mm, 8-pin PDFN package, as well as a 3.3×3.3 mm, 8-pin PDFN package.


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