MAG-MATE IDC poke-in terminal allows vibration-resistant contacts

by donpedro

TE Connectivity offers its MAG-MATE poke-in terminal to power tool manufacturers that wish to speed up magnet wire termination as part of their production process. The highly successful MAG-MATE product range applies fast Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) technology to the termination of magnet wire. In contrast to more time-consuming processes, such as soldering or welding, MAG-MATE wire termination results in a repeatedly accurate, gas-tight interconnection of the highest reliability. Therefore a leading international power tool manufacturer has recently made the switch to standard MAG-MATE poke-in terminals.
As vibration resistance is of the essence for power tool manufacturers, the poke-in terminal’s design turns the secondary IDC slot into a strain relief. This further improves the already high level of MAG-MATE interconnection reliability. The resilience of the tin-plated brass beams, forming the poke-in terminal’s two slots, allows a gas-tight electrical connection with the wire plus enhanced strain relief. When the metal terminal is inserted in the plastic cavity (≈ housing), the positive connection between terminal and cavity wall prevents relaxation over time, thus making the interconnection extremely durable.

TE Connectivity

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