TE Connectivity develops LGA 1944 socket for AMD’s new high-performance Opteron 6000 series server processor

by donpedro

TE Connectivity (TE) announces a new surface-mount LGA socket for AMD’s (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.) new high-performance Opteron 6000 series server processor.
The LGA 1944 socket is validated to the processor’s high speed/ high performance specification. TE is one of the few suppliers able to provide this kind of technology and products.
This new socket includes contacts that have 0.6mm diameter solder balls for surface mount onto a PCB (printed circuit board), while its top side provides a cantilever beam interface to the processor. The socket actuation mechanism generates the compression load and is designed for use with AMD bolster plate part number 49Z0000042.
Major features and benefits of this new product offering are:
• Supplied cap with each socket to facilitate vacuum pick–and-place (spare caps can be ordered separately);
• Contacts with 30u” gold plating allowing for better performance;
• Optional leaded or lead-free solderballs.
For more information on TE’s LGA 1944 socket for the AMD Opteron 6000 series server processor, please visit http://www.tycoelectronics.com/catalog/minf/en/493?BML=10576,17578,17575.

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