Kontron introduces evaluation unit of new TSN networking card at SPS IPC Drives

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Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), introduces the first version of a network interface controller (NIC) enabling Time Sensitive Networking (IEEE-802.1 TSN) at the SPS IPC Drives 2017 in Nurnberg. The evaluation unit available shortly will be on display as part of a live demonstrator from November 28 to 30 2017 at the Kontron booth in hall 7, booth 193. The TSN specification guarantees the timely, high-availability delivery of data packets. In industrial environments, such as machine control applications in production, convergent, Ethernet-based TSN with guaranteed latency and Quality of Service (QoS) with time synchronization can replace proprietary fieldbus systems and seamlessly communicate through to the IT layer. This makes real IIoT or Industry 4.0 based on Ethernet protocol standards possible.

With the Kontron PCIE-0200-TSN and Kontron PCIE-0400-TSN standard PCI Express network card and the associated network and switch drivers for Linux, industrial computers can be connected through a redundant ring-, line- or star-shaped TSN network. Utilizing this approach, Kontron’s Box PCs, 19-inch servers, and workstations, namely its KBox C-series, ZINC19, and HPW product lines can be extended for TSN.

The Kontron TSN network card includes an integrated switch for redundant networks with two (PCIE-0200-TSN) or four (PCIE-0400-TSN) gigabit ethernet ports. It meets all specifications of IEEE 802.1, such as timing and time synchronization, traffic scheduling, frame preemption, stream reservation protocol and others (via update where applicable). Like all Kontron products, the TSN network card is especially suited for rough industrial environments and can be run in industrial temperature ranges from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. For OEM customers, Kontron offers a private labelling version of the networking card with software services included. This enables OEM customers to expand their portfolio with TSN-connected products. The Kontron TSN network card will be available as an evaluation unit in Q1/2018.

TSN demonstration with Embedded Cloud components at the booth
Kontron shows a TSN demonstration system and a testing environment with various IoT and TSN devices at SPS IPC Drives. The demonstration will showcase OPC UA TSN Publisher/Subscriber-based communication and synchronization, in which a Kontron KBox C-series Box PC will control three independent motors running in time synchronization through TSN even at high network loads. The Kontron KBox C-102 industrial computer controls the motors through the TSN card and TSN switches. At the same time, it communicates with a primary server handling management functionality on the other end through a standardized OPC UA protocol. This on-premise implementation can be moved to a Public Cloud or developed as a hybrid solution, in which time-critical tasks are handled on-premise, and data analysis in the Cloud. In this scenario, the KBox C-102 also handles motor control as well as time-critical data processing as an embedded computer. It thus acts simultaneously as a Fog Computer for edge analytics on the one hand and a gateway on the other. In this setting, Kontron demonstrates the realistic use of embedded hardware and Cloud components in a Time Sensitive Network at SPS IPC Drives.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Integration
To further expand its extensive portfolio of embedded systems, Kontron will also showcase scalable Embedded Servers, Fog Computers and Edge Gateways as part of the Embedded Cloud. Sensitive data can be processed and filtered through Microsoft Azure IoT Edge in the Embedded Cloud and used for analytics and artificial intelligence locally. Selected, filtered data can be outsourced into the Microsoft Azure Cloud for long-term storage and big data analysis such as Business Intelligence and other analytics tasks. Examples of data collection, visualization and device management in the Cloud will also be shown.

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