Intersil Announces Its First Digitally Programmable Multiphase Intel® VR12/12.5 Compliant Controller for Server and High-End Desktop Applications

by donpedro

Intersil Corporation announced the ISL6388, a 6-phase pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller with non-volatile memory (NVM) that is compliant with Intel’s VR12/12.5

specification. Designed for server and high-end desktop applications, the ISL6388 digitally programmable multiphase controller features multiple time programmable NVM that allows for the creation of custom configurations during the design process, eliminating the need for a soldering iron to make adjustments. The new multiphase controller is supported by the company’s latest release of the PowerNavigator™ graphical user interface, which allows designers to easily use Intersil’s digital power products without writing a line of code. The ISL6388’s patented enhanced adaptive pulse positioning (EAPP) architecture provides outstanding transient response using a linear control loop, avoiding beat frequency issues, and improving transient response over competitive solutions. Designers today are looking for power management solutions that can exceed the power delivery requirements of modern processors, with all of the programming and monitoring capabilities of digital control. Intersil’s new ISL6388 provides the best of both worlds with a fast control loop combined with full digital communication and telemetry options to enable ultimate flexibility and customization.


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