Innovasic Semiconductor Adds 1-Port EtherNet/IP and Profinet RapID Platform

by donpedro

Innovasic Semiconductor is pleased to announce the availa­bility of the 1-Port RapID™ Platform for EtherNet/IP adapters and Profinet devices as part of the company’s constant effort to provide the lowest cost Industrial Ethernet solutions. The 1-port and 2-port RapID Platforms support EtherNet/IP version 4.1 and Profinet version 2.2 and can be downloaded directly from the Innovasic website for a risk-free, no-cost evaluation. This is not a demo version – it is fully functional and pre-tested for EtherNet/IP and Profinet conformance including electronic schematics, bill of materials, and layout files, as well as all necessary software, stacks, and development environment. All software is royalty-free with no hidden fees. The RapID Platform is based on Innovasic’s fido1100 communication controller and can be used as a “network processor” alongside any host microcontroller. It can also be used as a standalone solution with the customer’s application running directly on the RapID Platform. The schematic has been carefully designed to provide robust, long-life, industrial-class perfor­mance at the lowest possible bill of material cost. The Ethernet physical interface includes protection circuitry, bicolor LEDs, and magnetics integrated in the connector. Cycle times down to 1ms are achieved utilizing the fido1100’s unique deterministic hardware and software architecture.

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