High-performance Box IPC with Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processor and QM57 chipset

by donpedro

With the high-performance NanoServer® E6-QM57, DSM Computer presented at the SPS/IPC/Drives its first Box IPC. This computer is based on the Intel® chipset QM57 and the Intel® Core™ i5 520M or i7 620M processor with two CPU cores. The graphic controller is integrated in the processor. The overall heat loss of the dual-chip solution lies significantly below the value of the previous solutions that consisted of the three components: processor, chipset and graphic controller. The integrated DDR3 RAM as fast working memory with a maximum storage capacity of 8 GB also ensures the high computing performance. The Intel® Core™ ix processors support the Turbo Boost technology. This means the NanoServer® E6-QM57 provides high performance coupled with optimized energy efficiency that is particularly suited for sophisticated computing and graphical applications. The compact Box IPC with dimensions of 204 x 226 × 109 mm provides two PCI slots or alternatively a PCI and a PCI Express™ slot. With the E6-QM57, DSM Computer’s NanoServer® product line consisting of the E4 which occupies one slot and the slim-line E8 which doesn’t require a slot, is a complete system.

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