Indium Corporation Announces New Versatile Solder Paste

by donpedro

Indium Corporation introduces Indium12.8HF as it continues to develop innovative solder paste solutions to meet customers’ current and emerging needs. Indium12.8HF is a versatile paste engineered to deliver exceptional jetting and microdispensing performance on a variety of systems.

Indium12.8HF is a no-clean, halogen-free solder paste that is inherently compatible with Indium Corporation’s best-selling solder paste—Indium8.9HF—and is optimized for long-term jetting and microdispense applications. Originally formulated for micro-LED applications, Indium12.8HF has proven to be useful in a wide range of applications requiring precision dot diameter/line width deposits down to 80μm.

Additionally, Indium12.8HF:

  • Meets IPC J-STD-004B with Amendment 1 ROL0 requirements
  • Offers exceptional electrical reliability
  • Minimizes graping and similar reflow issues with a unique flux oxidation barrier formulation
  • Delivers aesthetically pleasing clear residue with minimal flow-out
  • Provides minimal reflow spatter compared to similar solder pastes
  • Long working (syringe) life

To learn more about Indium Corporation’s new jetting and microdispensing paste, visit

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