In-house Yageo R&D enables miniaturization: Extremely small metal current sensing resistor PA0100 now at Rutronik

by donpedro

Close to the customer: With the launch of the PA0100, Yageo offers a product solution specifically designed to meet the challenge of ongoing miniaturization. At just 0.4×0.2 mm, the 01005 resistor is currently the smallest metal current sensing resistor available and complements the PA series, which already offers a variety of different sizes with the 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 and 2010 packages. The entire PA series has high-performance characteristics and is available at

For the development of the PA0100, the company first developed and then applied several semiconductor-manufacturing processes to produce a current sensor with minimal size and a resistance value of only 10-20 mΩ.

At the same time, it impresses with high accuracy (1 %), low temperature coefficient TCR = 300 ppm/°C and low thermal EMF. The PA0100 jumpers are used as metallic jumpers with a maximum rated current of 8 A.

Applications for the PA0100 are primarily size-critical mobile devices such as smartphones, but also battery modules or radiofrequency transceiver modules (RF/PA modules).

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