High withstand voltage 76V Sense pin isolation 0.5µA Low Power Multi-Function Voltage Detector XC6138 Series

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Figure 1. VSEN pin 12V/24V line direct monitoring using high withstand voltage

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has launched a new voltage detector — XC6138 series.

The XC6138 series is a voltage detector with a separate power supply pin and voltage detection pin (sense pin). The sense pin supports high withstand voltage 76V operation. This allows direct monitoring of 12V/24V and similar power lines without using divided resistance, such as conventional low withstand voltage products, thus contributing to higher accuracy, lower power consumption, reduced use of space, and better reliability. (Figure 1.)

Figure 2. XC6138 12V Line Monitoring Example

Further, with general voltage detectors only the detection voltage can be freely set with the release voltage being set in advance by the hysteresis width (approximately detection voltage × 5%). However, with this product, the user can set both the detection voltage and the release voltage. This makes it possible to support a variety of voltage lines (for example, when an unstable power supply causes high impedance in the power line and significantly disturbs the input and when there is a significant voltage fluctuation such as in motor loads). (Figure 2.)

Figure 3. XC6138 Serie Mounting Board

The delay time can be externally adjusted using an external capacitor making it possible to select the detection/release delay time ratio. A manual reset function is also provided making possible forced reset by dropping the Cd/MRB pin to the VSS level.
The lineup includes the space-saving oriented DFN1515-6A (1.5 x 1.5 x 0.38 mm). Use this for applications with limited circuit board mounting space. (Figure 3.)

For more details on the XC6138, please click: https://product.torexsemi.com/en/series/xc6138

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