High-side current/power sensor from Microchip is world’s first to feature both a configurable analogue output and a 2-Wire digital bus

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Microchip announces, from the Sensors Expo, a combined analogue and digital current sensor: the PAC1921. This new

device is the world’s first high-side current sensor with both a digital output, as well as a configurable analogue output that can present power, current or voltage over the single output pin. Simultaneously, all power-related output values are also available over the 2-Wire digital bus, which is compatible with I2C™. The PAC1921, available in a 10-lead 3×3 mm VDFN package, was designed with the 2-Wire bus to maximise data and diagnostic reporting, while having the analogue output to minimise data latency. The analogue output can also be adjusted for use with 3V, 2V, 1.5V or 1V microcontroller inputs.
The PAC1921 is ideal for networking, power-distribution, power-supply, computing and industrial-automation applications that cannot allow for latency when performing high-speed power management. A 39-bit accumulation register and 128 times gain configuration make this device ideal for both heavy and light system-load power measurement, from 0V to 32V. It has the ability to integrate more than two seconds of power-consumption data. Additionally, the PAC1921 has a READ/INT pin for host control of the measurement period. This pin can also be used to synchronise readings of multiple devices. The PAC1921 is supported by Microchip’s new PAC1921 High-Side Power and Current Monitor Evaluation Board (ADM00592), which is available today priced at $64.99. The PAC1921 is available now for sampling and volume production, in a 10-lead 3×3 mm VDFN package.

Key Facts:
• PAC1921 maximises data and diagnostic reporting while minimising data latency
• Outputs power, current or voltage over a single pin and over the 2-Wire digital bus
• Analogue output adjustable for 3V, 2V, 1.5V or 1V microcontroller inputs
• Integrated 39-bit accumulation register and 128 times gain configuration
• Supports high-speed power management of light and heavy loads from 0V to 32V

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