Filters, transformers and lots of optoelectronics

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The “Electronic Components New Product Brochure 2021/2022” — Image source: Würth Elektronik

The “Electronic Components 20121/2022” brochure is available for download and can be ordered in printed form. In this catalog, Würth Elektronik presents its new products and provides an overview of its portfolio of standard products. All new products are available from stock with no minimum order quantity. Highlights are an easy to integrate line filter with high insertion loss over a wide frequency range for DC and push-pull interference and the extension of the multilayer ceramic SMT inductor WE-MK by size 0805. Furthermore, new SMT multilayer chip antennas are presented, a series of optoelectronic components as well as an extension of the MagI³C-VDMM Variable Step Down MicroModules by the new package LGA-8EP.

A large product overview is provided for EMC — Image source: Würth Elektronik

Würth Elektronik now has various optocouplers in its product range, new infrared LEDs and a vertical cavity surface emitting laser for applications that benefit from a homogeneous radiation pattern. There is also growth in another highly regarded product group: a MicroModule for 24V bus applications has been added to the MAGI³C power modules.

The catalog offers product overviews for EMC components, inductors and power transformers, capacitors and thermal management, for example. For project-specific component selection, REDEXPERT from Würth Elektronik is a powerful online tool that enables quick and easy component selection thanks to various simulation applications and detailed article data. For prototyping and own tests, Würth Elektronik provides free samples and numerous design kits from various product areas.

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